Lemon Ginger


Elevate your day with our Lemon Ginger Capsule, a perfect kick of zest, spice, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Servings: up to 18 cups

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Nothing Artificial
Natural Flavours
No Stevia
No Sweeteners
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The best ingredients for you

Lemon juice full of antioxydant and zesty, refreshing notes

Electrolyte, rich in zinc, mangnesium and potassium

Spicy, invigorating, and zestfully aromatic

Pleasant, sweet, crisp, and juicy

Our community says it best!

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John S.

The best water you've ever tasted!

Since I bought this incredible machine, my water consumption has tripled! Not only do I drink more water. I feel more energetic, my skin is more radiant and my colleagues ask me what my secret is.

Mary U.

Lemon ginger capsule 🥰

I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect with the flavours but wow, did they really change the game for me. The Lemon Ginger capsule has become my go-to-choice for everyday wellness.

Alice A.

Personalizing my wellness experience

I used to often not think about the beverages I was consuming throughout the day or worry about staying hydrated. Since discovering Bello, I've switched from buying bottled beverages.


Well worth the investment

I would easily recommend making the switch from your standard water pitcher to a Bello Home. The dispenser and capsules have easily enhanced my wellness and hydration journey beyond what I could have imagined.

Léa S.

Love the different product categories!

I appreciate the wide variety of options from 0-calorie to iced teas that my Bello Home can make. I'm definitely drinking a lot more water than I used to and enjoying all the flavour combinations.